Know the amazing facts about Jupiter

Aug 25 2019 01:19 PM
Know the amazing facts about Jupiter

There are many planets in this universe that you will know about, but there are very few people who know the main things about them. One of the 9 planets you have read about the solar system is Jupiter, the Jupiter, which is the 5th from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. It is also known as the Monster of Gas. Today, we're going to provide a good idea about what you should also know.

1. Jupiter's planet is made up of 90% hydrogen, 10% helium and in some quantities consisting of methane, water, amonia and rocky particles.

2. Jupiter is also known as the 'vacuum cleaner' of the solar system to protect the earth from devastating attacks.

3. Jupiter is a very cold planet. Its average Temp. There are -145'C.

4. Jupiter planet has no land it is completely a planet made up of gas clouds.

5. 7 vehicles have been sent to Jupiter till date. This planet is yellow in color.

6. Jupiter planet is one of the oldest planets to be explored about the origin of the Earth through Jupiter.

7. Jupiter's magnetic field is very strong. If we stand on the surface of Jupiter, our weight will be 3 times more than our original weight.

8. Jupiter is 11 times heavier than planet Earth and its mass is 317 times higher.

9. Jupiter Planet's Moon, Ganimede, is the largest moon of our entire solar system.

10. Jupiter has at least 64 moons, its largest moon.

11. The 7th or 8th century species were first seen by Babylonians. It is named after the King of Roman Gods.

12. Jupiter is the largest planet of our galaxy, it is so great that if all the rest of the planet is connected, the combined planet will also be smaller than Jupiter.

13. If the size of the earth is as much as a pea, Jupiter will be 300 metres away.

14. There is a huge crater on the planet Jupiter from which the flames keep on rising, in which it resembles a huge red spot.

15. The red spot on Jupiter is actually a major storm that has been in turmoil for at least 350 years. These storms are so big that it can contain three earths.

16. Solar is the fourth most shining planet in the system. Also, the other planets that shine are the sun, moon and Venus.

17. Jupiter has the shortest day than all planets. These rotate on your axis every 9 hours 55 minutes. They appear to be slightly flat in the wheel of quick walking.

18. No instrument is needed to see Jupiter. We can see it with open eyes.

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