Arvind Kejriwal apologises to Bikram Singh Majithia for drug trade allegations

In an attempt to resolve several defamation cases against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders, the leaders will apologise to persons they have made accusations against.

On Thursday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal retracted his statement alleging former Punjab Cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia of being involved in the drug trade and called him a ‘drug lord’.

“Now I've learnt that allegations are unfounded... I hereby withdraw all my statements and allegations made against you and apologise,” wrote Kejriwal in his apology letter.

Delhi CM also cited the reason for extending apologies over his statements saying that his the statements became political issues.

“In the recent past, I made certain statements and allegations against you regarding your alleged involvement in drug trade. These statements became a political issue. Now, I have learnt that allegations are unfounded. Hence, there should be no politics on such issues,” wrote Kejriwal in the letter.

According to sources, Kejriwal will approach finance minister Arun Jaitley with an apology for an accusation made by him. Kejriwal had accused Jaitley of indulging in corruption while he served as head of cricket administration body of Delhi. 

The reason behind this apology, as per sources, is too much wastage of time and exhaustion in these legal battles.

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