Ashish Singh: Jack of all trades, and even master of all

Sep 20 2019 06:09 PM
Ashish Singh: Jack of all trades, and even master of all

Since centuries, people believe that it takes unwavering focus that leads one to perfection and then gets them success on their field. In the changing times, the philosophy of becoming a master of your trade has become passé. To be able to hold your ground, you ought to experiment and evolve at each stage of your journey.

While there are people who are still focusing on one path, there are many out there foraying bravely into the endless possibilities. If you wish to follow the same, you can take some inspiration from the young blogger Ashish Singh. He is a ‘Boy Next Door’ who with the right talent and determination, has paved his path of success.

Being a fashion fanatic, Ashish has always had a keen interest in fashion trends. His instagram handle, ‘the vanquishment’ soon became a platform for him to showcase his skills. Being a regular college student of Chandigarh, he started by creating casual, yet quirky looks from basic everyday clothing items. His ability to make the best out of basics made him an instant hit with the followers.

Soon, he stepped into the feet of an actual blogger and started experimenting. Hailing from a Punjabi background, he took a cue from his roots. From including ethnic fabrics and style, to donning the turbaned look, he paid his homage to his culture through his style. He is among the very few bloggers, who can carry out this transition to these looks so effortlessly.

The people who know Ashish are aware of the fact that behind the façade of boyish charm lies a chivalrous gentleman. The most notable part of his blogs are the looks that he has curated with formals. He takes a regular formal suit, adds his own touch with accessorizing, and becomes a dapper man.      

Fashion and style are what make Ashish Singh. While he has donned many hats, in the arena of blogging, he also has many other talents. With a keen interest in cooking and music, his followers get to know the real man that he is.  If you believe that it is impossible to be a master of all trades, all it will take is knowing him to change your mind.

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