'Asit Modi abuses even Babita ji, has left the show many times', Monika disclosed
'Asit Modi abuses even Babita ji, has left the show many times', Monika disclosed

Television's famous comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is in news these days not because of its track but because of controversies. Recently, Monika Bhadauria, who played the role of Babri in the show, made many allegations against the producer of the show, Asit Modi, and exposed his misdeeds. During this, she also claimed that Munmun Dutta, who plays Babita ji in the show, has also left the show many times due to harassment. 

Monika says that Munmun is definitely working in the show but she too has been tortured a lot by Modi. Recently, Monika Bhadoria told in an interview that Munmun Dutta has also left the show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah many times. She also revealed that Munmun had several fights with Asit Modi and used to leave the show and not return for days. She says that many stars have done this. After a fight with Modi or a dispute over something, she disappears from the set for a few days. 

Monika says that the producers first torture the actors a lot and when they leave the set, they call and try to settle the matter. Monika Bhadoria also revealed that the producers are very rude to the female stars. Sometimes they even start abusing them. Women have no status in their eyes. Male stars are given more attention on the set. Due to one of her interviews, Monika Bhadoria also claimed that female stars get very less fees than male stars. Monika, who left the show in 2019, told that she also owes lakhs to the producers and has not yet been given the full amount.

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