Assam doctor infected with two variants of coronavirus simultaneously

Guwahati: A woman doctor in Assam was infected with two different types of corona variants at the same time.  However, she has taken both doses of corona vaccine. A test conducted by the Medical Research Council of India at the Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) in Dibrugarh confirmed that the woman doctor was infected with two types of corona variants.

She was infected with the alpha and delta strain of the corona virus a month after taking the second dose of the vaccine. However, the female doctor has been diagnosed with mild symptoms of infection. She has also recovered with treatment at home without being hospitalized. Medical experts say the female doctor recovered with a mild infection as the vaccine showed effect. Dr. P.J. Borgkoti, a senior scientist at RMRC, explained, "A double infection occurs when two types of people are infected at the same time or for a very short time. It happens from one person to another."

But within 2-3 days of the first infection and before the antibody developed, the second corona variant may have spread from person to person, he said. Therefore, both types of corona variants can be present in the body. 

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