Assam floods: The dam which left 2 lakh people homeless, has been broken under conspiracy...
Assam floods: The dam which left 2 lakh people homeless, has been broken under conspiracy...

GUWAHATI: Assam is facing the severe hazard of floods. The Cachar district of Assam is also reeling under the ravages of the river which has been in spate due to the floods. Silchar city was submerged in flood water due to a breach of the embankment of river Barak in the Cachar district. After Silchar city was submerged in flood waters, the police have made a shocking revelation about it.

Assam Police has made a sensational disclosure that the dam built on the Barak river in Cachar district was not broke, but it was broken. Silchar city flood is not a natural calamity. This happened because of conspiracy. The police have arrested four accused in this case. Police claim that six people conspired to break the dam.

The police had arrested a person named Kabul Khan, a resident of the Betukandi area in this case. The conspiracy was revealed in the interrogation of Kabul Khan and on the basis of this, the police arrested three other accused residing in the same area. According to the police, the names of the accused arrested after questioning Kabul Khan are Mithu Hussain Lashkar, Nazir Hussain Lashkar and Ripon Khan. 

SP Ramandeep Kaur has told that the absurd dam was cut under the conspiracy. Due to this, the water of the Barak river entered Silchar very fast and the entire area was submerged. More than two lakh population of Silchar city has been rendered homeless due to floods. However, the police are now trying to find out why these criminals broke the dam. What was their purpose behind this?

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