Asteroid equal to size of 4 football field to fly past Earth tomorrow

New Delhi: The asteroid '2008 GO20' of the same size as 4 football grounds is once again going to pass close to the earth. On July 25, 2021, the asteroid will be closest to Earth. According to reports, the speed of this asteroid moving towards earth is 29,000 kmph i.e. 8 kmph.

Shubhendu Patnaik, Deputy Director, Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Odisha, said that the asteroid '2008 GO20' has passed very close to the earth in the past. He said that earlier in 1935 and 1977 also, the asteroid had passed 19 lakh km and 29 lakh km respectively from earth. This time it will come out of the earth at a distance of 45 lakh km. Refuting reports of asteroid '2008 GO20' hitting earth, he said that since the asteroid is about to pass far away from earth, there is no possibility of it hitting the earth. He also asked people to be unconcerned about the asteroid.

State that the asteroid '2008 GO20' is 97 metres wide and 230 meters long. It is equal to 4 football grounds in size. The speed of this asteroid is about 29,000 kmph. According to Patnaik, it will be closest to earth at 11:21 pm Indian time on July 25, 2021, although he has confidently said that there is no need to panic. Patnaik has informed that the asteroid will now pass through the earth once again in 2034.

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