At the age of 16, Aaliyah had done bikini waxing, told when she lost her virginity

Anurag Kashyap's daughter Aaliyah Kashyap is known for her bold and outspoken style. Aaliyah is often in the news for her romantic posts with her boyfriend. But now Aaliyah has openly spoken on the hair removal problem of sex, periods and females. Aaliyah Kashyap is always active on Instagram as well as on YouTube. Aaliyah also gives information related to her personal life to fans in her vlog videos on her YouTube channel. Now Aaliyah has shared her experience about female problems with fans in her vlog. 

Aaliyah has also talked about bikini waxing first in her video. In fact, a user had asked Aaliyah what she feels is okay with bikini wax or shaving? In response to this question, Aaliyah says that she has even got bikini waxing done once and this was the first time that she had used a hair removal in the bikini area.
Aaliyah has said that when she first got a bikini waxing, she was only 15-16 years old. So she wasn't allowed to do it all at the time. In such a situation, Aaliyah hid from her mother and went to the salon with a friend and got the bikini waxing done. Aaliyah has said about this that she had so much pain in getting bikini wax that she has never experienced so much pain in her whole life. Aaliyah was in so much pain that tears started flowing from her eyes. After that, she never did bikini waxing. She has since started shaving. Aaliyah said that she still shaves in the bikini area. Along with shaving, 2-3 seating of laser has also been brought. Aaliyah has said that the growth of the hair has been greatly reduced due to laser. But it's very expensive so she has stopped lasering. 

On being in a live-in with boyfriend Shane Gregoire, Aaliyah has said that it is a big decision. Aaliyah has said that when Shane and she spend time with each other, they both stay like this every time. Aaliyah has spoken about this - in LA, he used to stay in my apartment a few days a week and when he comes to India, he stays with me. One of the users asked Aaliyah if she had taken tips from anyone before having sex for the first time. To this question, Aaliyah said, "I don't think I took tips from anyone before having sex for the first time. The most important thing is that you should be sure whether or not you are 100% ready for sex. You should be sure about it that you are not doing it by staying under anyone's pressure. At the time of sex, you should be comfortable with that person and yourself.''

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