THIS superstar was raped at her teenage, then got pregnant

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has made public the bitter truth of her life. Lady Gaga discussed the sexual abuse she had been sexually abused on Oprah Winfrey's show. Lady Gaga said she was raped by a music producer at the age of 19. After which she became pregnant. Lady Gaga said, "I was 19 years old. Then a producer asked me to take off my clothes. I refused and I left. Then, they threatened me that they would waste all my music. And they did not stop." The singer said she had gone to the hospital for treatment due to pain in her body years after the rape. She says, "At first I felt pain and then I was numb. Then I was ill for a few days."

She further said, "Later I realised that this was the same pain that I had when the man raped me and left me pregnant at my parents house in a corner. Because then I was vomiting and I was sick. I was exploited. I was locked in the studio for several months.''

Lady Gaga said she doesn't want to see the man again. She said she was no longer the same after the rape. The trauma and stress she went through had shocked her. Lady Gaga said, "I was on a psychotic break for many years. I wasn't that girl. Because of that, I had done a lot of MRI and scans, but nothing was found in them. But your body remembers everything. I didn't feel anything. It was like your mind has gone offline.'' Gradually, Lady Gaga starting coping up amd forgetting her wounds. She took therapy. After two and a half years of therapy, she felt like a normal human, she started sensing every feeling.

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