Teachers raised slogans of 'Murdabad' during Scindia's address
Teachers raised slogans of 'Murdabad' during Scindia's address

Tikamgarh: Leading Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has said that while assuring guest teachers. I want to assure you that your demands are included in the manifesto of our government. And it is not less than any book for us. He has also urged teachers to be patient. If all the promises in the manifesto are not fulfilled, do not think that you are alone. Jyotiraditya Scindia will also take to the streets with you. Scindia is addressing Congress workers in village Kudila of Kharagpur assembly constituency of Tikamgarh on Thursday. Scindia came to attend the pratyotsav program of Sant Ravidas.

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The same Scindia also pacified some youths raising slogans against the education minister from the stage. He said that "the leader should be happy only when the public is happy. The guest teachers and other workers started raising slogans of Murdabad again. Scindia gave the explanation that no ... no ... no." ..Now... O, boys ... O boys, calm down... When I am saying, calm down and listen to me carefully "After this, he said that there are many issues here and I am on every issue Would like to talk He is not a leader among you but a public servant who always wants to walk with your shoulder to shoulder in your grief. Then he told that if we make the ideals of Sant Ravidas, life will be blessed. All of us should pledge to follow the footprints of Sant Ravidas and Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

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After this, Scindia said- "I want to tell the guest teachers that your demand was heard before the election, and I raised your demand. Your demand is mentioned in our promissory note, which is no less than any text for us. It has been only one year for the government. Teachers should be patient. With this forum, I assure the guest teachers that if in 5 years every single word of the promissory note is not fulfilled, then your shield An adversary and even your sword I will be. " He assured the teachers that they have to be patient.

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