In his post, Atif Aslam got surrounded by trouble as soon as he mentioned about Kashmir

A few days ago the disputed Article 370 from Kashmir was completely removed. That has led to a rage of happiness in India. While most people in India are hailing the move, India's move in Pakistan is being opposed by many Bollywood Pakistani actors who have opposed the move. Singer Atif Aslam also tweeted, which has been surrounded by users.

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Famous Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam wrote a post on social media but disputed Kashmir. On the other hand, Indian fans are very angry at Aslam's actions. He wrote in his post, 'Something big is happy to share with you guys. Inshallah, I'm going to embark on the most urgent journey of my life soon. Before going on Haj, I apologize to everyone, whether it is my fans, family or friends. Forgive if I've hurt someone's feelings. Please remember me in prayer. At the same time, I condemn the violence and harassment of Kashmiris. May Allah protect the innocents of Kashmir and the whole world."

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The post of Atif mentions Kashmir, which has provoked Indian fans. This is what led Atif to be suffered. Atif Aslam has also sung songs in several Bollywood films. Pakistani artists have been banned in Bollywood after the terrorist attack in Pulwama.

Now Article 370 Reaches Supreme Court

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