Foreign hackers are eyeing your ATM card, it can be lost anytime

Dec 02 2019 02:34 PM
Foreign hackers are eyeing your ATM card, it can be lost anytime

In today's time, every person uses an ATM card. Also, it is easy to withdraw money from these cards, but on the other hand, it has become easier for hackers to cheat. Hundreds of cases of online fraud continue to come up every day. It is possible that ATM can be cheated with you. Whether you withdraw money from the bank or not. A few days ago, two ATM thugs were arrested by the Bulgarian police who, during interrogation, made a big disclosure about Indian ATM machines. So let's know the whole matter.

In fact, the Bulgarian police arrested two ATM thugs. According to the police, India's ATMs and their entire system are so weak that they can be easily hacked. For information, let us tell you that Delhi Police also arrested these thugs in June. The thugs told during interrogation that Europe's ATMs and their systems are so secure that a cardholder is immediately turned over in case of any disturbance. On the other hand, India's ATMs are so backward in terms of technology that they can be withdrawn easily. These ATM hackers defrauded millions through cloning and skimming. At the same time, these thugs used to come to India with a tourist visa and get cheated.

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This is how card cloning happens
Hackers use a skimmer (a special kind of device) to clone credit and debit cards. The skimmer is fitted into the swipe machine and ATM. When people swipe their card in a swipe machine or ATM, all the information associated with their card gets stored in this device. After this, hackers put this information on a computer or laptop and make a clone. After this process, cyber thugs take out all the money from the consumer's account through a clone while sitting at home or abroad. Experts believe that cybercrime is increasing in the country because people are not aware of it. At this time, cyber thugs are fully active. With this, hackers sitting abroad are also targeting the Indian people. If you have been cheated, you can file a complaint about this incident in the cybercrime portal.

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Delhi Police to rein in ATM card fraud soon
Delhi Police's cyber cell is going to take important steps to protect ATMs soon. For this, the cyber cell has also asked people for their opinion. Also, the cyber cell will share better suggestions with the concerned banks and the Reserve Bank of India.

The cyber cell should reveal ways to avoid ATM fraud
1. Whenever you go to withdraw ATM money, make sure that there is some kind of device nearby.
2. If the ATM machine has a skimming device and keypad lose, do not forget to use the card.
3. While entering the ATM password, cover the keypad from the other side.
4. While withdrawing money from ATM, do not forget to take help from anyone, because these people can divert the card by diverting your attention.
5. Always use the card at a reliable place.

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