Careful! This company is making the unemployed a victim of its fraud ... Money is being charged for data entry work
Careful! This company is making the unemployed a victim of its fraud ... Money is being charged for data entry work

The situation of unemployment is increasing rapidly every day in many parts of the country. After the Corona epidemic in many parts of the country, many people have lost their jobs, due to which many families are finding it difficult to survive today. It has become difficult. Many family members have started doing new jobs to support themselves, while there are many companies which are taking advantage of the helplessness of unemployed people and making them victims of fraud. Today we are going to talk about those companies, whose victims are millions of people today...

Every day we see that people retired from schools, colleges and companies from many parts of the country wander in search of new work so that they can get a good job. Every day they give interviews in new companies and get jobs as per their capability. But there are many people like housewives, college and school students who are looking for work from home while staying away from their parents or to help their parents.

Out of which many people today get the job of their choice. But this does not happen with everyone, this is also absolutely true. Many people are wandering in search of part time and full time work to run their household and some companies like data entry operators (INDIAN FINANCE TECHNOLOGY) are taking advantage of their helplessness. 

This company named INDIAN FINANCE TECHNOLOGY first makes its HR make phone calls to those people who are in great need of work. These people target those people and say that you will have to do only data entry work (they give you the names of some customers by adding them in the excel sheet) and ask you to start the work. 

Their work does not end here, every day when people start working with them, after a few days, a group is formed through WhatsApp and a demand for money is made in that group, how is this also We will tell you today.

These people first brainwash you and then send a QR code and ask you for details of your bank account and document verification. Then after some time, the HR of the same company sends QR to interested people in the group and talks about getting a job. There is no limit on the amount from Rs 99 to activate CRM, and people who need this job are also sending money for it.

But when a thorough investigation was done in this matter, the IDs of those doing the investigation from Google and other places were blocked. Many people have already lost their money, now nothing can be said about whether they will get their money back or not. But we request all of you that if you get any kind of call for a job, then you should first thoroughly investigate about that company and before sending any of your documents, send them only after clearing all the things. Otherwise, not only money will be lost from your account, your documents can also be misused. According to the information received, a complaint has also been registered against this company. 

If something similar has happened to you, then you can immediately go to your nearest police station or cyber crime website and register your complaint and save yourself and many people from becoming a victim of fraud. 

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