Audi to launch its latest A1 model in India, but these are the conditions

Jul 01 2018 08:09 PM
Audi to launch its latest A1 model in India, but these are the conditions

Audi is considered amongst the most luxurious cars of the world. For a large section of the society, owning an Audi is synonymous with success.

Well, Audi is a German brand which manufactures cars. It is a popular brand across the country.

Recently there was news that Audi might launch its A1, its Mini-rivalling small car, to India.

Rahil Ansari, the head of Audi's Indian Operations allegedly admitted the chances of A1 being launched in India if the Government of India relaxes the import taxes on the Cars.

The government of India has been thinking over granting a relaxation to the Company

Ansari after appealing the Indian government to provide them relaxation on the taxes, While addressing a media interaction, asserted, 

 "It is a favourable development and we hope it is passed soon because it will also allow us to give customers the choice of a wider variety of cars."

Well, the news has already delighted all the Audi fans, who are eagerly waiting for the launch of new models of Audi in India.

We hope, Audi is granted with the relaxation demanded on the Import taxes of the car and it further launches its upcoming model A1 model in the Indian market.

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