Brother raped his 14-year-old sister, Parents supported the son

Sep 08 2019 01:55 PM
Brother raped his 14-year-old sister, Parents supported the son

Washington: The half-brother raped his sister after calling her at a party held at home. The sister's age at the time of the incident was just 14 years. The incident took place in Australia's Fraser Coast in 2005. During the trial, the victim's parents supported the accused son and the father forced the daughter to withdraw the case. But now the Supreme Court of Brisbane has declared the brother guilty of rape.

The girl was first raped by her brother, he was drunk and he even smoked weed. After the incident, the brother called the elder sister and said that maybe the younger sister has become pregnant. He also gave the younger sister money to buy an emergency contraceptive tablet. According to DailyMail, the victim girl complained to the police 2 years after the incident, but the father forced her to withdraw the complaint. The girl broke down badly because of her parents supported his brother.

The girl also told that when she woke up the next morning of the incident, she was raped again. The Supreme Court of Brisbane held the brother guilty twice in the rape case. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison. The girl's parents were seen laughing along with the accused son before he was sentenced in court. He can come out of jail on parole after completing two-thirds of the sentence.

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