Cyber ​​fraud: 1 Lakh withdrawn from the bank account of a person without his knowing

Sep 07 2019 05:34 PM
Cyber ​​fraud: 1 Lakh withdrawn from the bank account of a person without his knowing

Una:   Technology has given a lot to the society but it has its own pros and cons. Some of the vicious in cyber are using it very unnecessarily. Miscreants usually target ordinary people who do not have much knowledge of technology. The victim of this has been a school teacher in Una district of Himachal. He has lost 50 thousand. Vivek Goyal, working in private industry in Gagret, has also fallen victim to cyber fraud.

About one lakh five thousand rupees were cleverly withdrawn. The victim said that first, the vicious persons poured 13 thousand rupees into his bank account. After this, an SMS was sent to his mobile to deposit the account. He was still in a dilemma as to how the money came into the account. The next day, a message came out of the account.

Then after that, the phase of withdrawing money from the account started. The victim's ATM was with him, yet messages were coming from his ATM to withdraw money. Some transfer messages also came. Vivek immediately turned to the bank and upon investigation, it was found that money is withdrawn from an ATM in Delhi. Vivek had been a victim of fraud of about one lakh five thousand by then. In this case, Vivek Goyal, a victim of fraud, has registered a report in Gagret police station. ASP Vinod Dhiman confirmed the case and said that it was being investigated.

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