Shopkeeper kept a hidden camera in the changing room, the girl was changing clothes and then ...

Sep 07 2019 03:00 PM
Shopkeeper kept a hidden camera in the changing room, the girl was changing clothes and then ...

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. In such a case, a case has emerged in which a video has been made secretly of women changing clothes in the changing room. Yes, this case is being reported from the Greater Kailash area of Delhi.

According to reports, a woman journalist has filed a complaint against a shop for making a video of her while changing clothes in the changing room. According to the information found there, on August 31, this woman went to a shop in M Block market of Greater Kailash area and while she was changing clothes in the changing room, she felt that she was seen with a hidden CCTV camera. 

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After that, the woman journalist complained to the police, after which the police registered an FIR against the shop owner on 3 September. While the police investigated the case, they found that the CCTV record of the shop contained footage of several women and action was taken against the accused shopkeeper based on the complaint and CCTV record of the woman.

In this case, the woman said in her complaint to the police, "When I went to the shop, there was no other customer present. There were 4 to 5 staff members including the shop owner. Recording of all CCTV footage in front of the shop owner I was walking. I took some clothes and I was sent to the trial room. When I was in half clothes, after ten minutes a lady staff member came and she took me to another changing room. "

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She further said, "When I asked him the reason for this, he told that the camera is installed here. Not only that, he requested me to go to another changing room in half-clothes only. I was surprised to see all this. He sent me to another changing room in half clothes. After that, I put on my clothes and came out of the changing room. After coming out, I went to the shop owner and asked him that There was a camera in the room, why was I asked to go in and change it. He did not give me any answer. I asked the same to the shop staff, but they also did not respond. "

At the same time, the female journalist said, "I came out of the shop again because I was very ashamed. After 5-10 minutes I went to the store again and asked to delete the video. First, the shop owner refused and said that he does not know how to operate. After this, I called the police. After that the shopkeeper who was watching me changing clothes live, got the footage deleted and ensured that he has not kept the store footage. "

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