Australian Open winners to get so much money this year

The first Grand Slam Australian Open of the year is set to begin on January 17. This time the tournament has been in the news even before it started. Due to which no game or new player has been involved. Infact, the world number one tennis player's visa has been cancelled and he is now out of the tournament. Now Rafael Nadal has joined the category of the only legendary player in the tournament. In addition to which Medvedev has joined the men's players with a big name and has the highest chances of winning the tournament. There was no change in the prize money of the tournament due to covid in 2021, but things have returned to normal in 2022 and bar winners are going to be allowed to get huge sums of money.

The men's and women's players who won the title in the singles category this year will get $2.3 million (Rs 17.10 crore). Australia's Ash Barty is all set to win the title for the first time in the women's category. She is ranked first in the women's tennis rankings and is looking to make a splash at home.

What is the prize money in the female and male singles category?

Winner - £2.3m (Rs. 17.10 crore)
Runners-up - £1.2m (Rs. 12.20 crore)
Semi-Final – £585k (Rs 5.95 crore)
Quarterfinals – £319k (Rs 3.24 crore)
Round 4 - £159k (Rs 1.61 crore)
Round 3 - £95.8k (Rs. 97.45 lakh)
Round 2 - £74.5k (Rs. 75.78 lakh)
Round 1 - £47.9 (Rs. 48.72 lakh)

Prize Money in Men's and Women's Doubles Category

Winner - £426k (Rs 4.33 crore)
Runners-up - £213k (Rs 2.16 crore)
Semi-Final – £106k (Rs 1.07 crore)
Quarterfinals – £58.5k (Rs. 59.51 lakh)
Round 3 - £33k (Rs 33.56 lakh)
Round 2 - £21.2k (Rs. 21.56 lakh)
Round 1 - £13.3k (Rs. 13.52 lakh)

Prize Money in Mixed Doubles Category

Winner - £101k (Rs 1.02 crore)
Runners-up - £53.2k (Rs. 54.11 lakh)
Semi-Final – £26.6k (Rs. 27.05 lakh)
Quarterfinals - £12.8k (Rs. 13.02 lakh)
Round 2 - £6.4k (Rs 6.51 lakh)
Round 1 - £1.6k (Rs. 1.62 lakh)

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