A-League footballer tests positive for virus

Mar 30 2020 03:08 PM
A-League footballer tests positive for virus

The corona virus, which is spreading its legs every day, has become an enemy of everyone's life today. From where one can see some infected corona is exposed. At the same time, thousands of people have died due to the virus, and millions of people are also infected with this virus. At the same time it has been said to say with great sadness that the effect of the Abyss virus is visible in the sports world as well.

According to reports, Australia's A League footballer has fallen victim to Corona virus infection. The player, who played for the Newcastle Jets in New South Wales, was found positive on Friday before taking an international flight. He played matches against Brisbane and Melbourne City.

Team chief executive Laurie McKinha said, 'He had no symptoms. Even then he was found positive. He and his family were living separately, so there is no need to separate the other players. However, we are constantly monitoring the health of everyone.


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