Australia's NSW crosses 90 percent vaccination-landmark
Australia's NSW crosses 90 percent vaccination-landmark

SYDNEY: On Wednesday, health officials in New South Wales (NSW), Australia's most populous state, announced that the long-awaited 90 percent double-dose covid vaccination target for the state's over-16 population had been met. As of Monday, 90.1 percent of residents aged 16 and up in the state had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with 94 percent receiving at least one dose.

In Australia, New South Wales is only second to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which achieved its 90 percent target late last month. On Tuesday afternoon, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet praised the achievement and called for a final push to achieve the goal of 95 percent vaccination coverage across the state. "Every additional vaccinated person strengthens our reopening, protects the vulnerable, and brings us closer to the magical 95 percent - when even more restrictions are lifted," he tweeted.

Limits on all gatherings would be lifted once the state reached a 95 percent vaccination rate, or by December 15, and non-essential retail and dining venues would be open to everyone, not just the fully vaccinated. In the 24 hours leading up to 8 p.m. Tuesday night, New South Wales reported 216 new locally acquired cases and three deaths.

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