Crew of Redbull did this unique feat at a height of 33 feet from earth level
Crew of Redbull did this unique feat at a height of 33 feet from earth level

The pit crew of the Red Bull Racing team has done a great feat at an altitude of 33 thousand feet above the earth. The team changed the tires of the racing car at such a high height. The place where the tires were replaced at such a height, there was zero gravity. That is, the force of gravity was not working, just as gravity does not work on the moon. Even under these conditions, the Red Bull Pit Crew team showed up to change the tire in just 22 seconds.

One thing to note is that a Red Bull 2005 model car was taken to a height with the help of a plane to change tires to zero gravity. Then the tires were changed inside the plane. The 16 pit crew members were given special training for about a month to change tires quickly at zero gravity. Red Bull set the record for the shortest change of car tires on the race track in August at 1.82 seconds. It takes 19 mechanics to change a tire. As soon as the racer's car comes and stops, each tire takes 3 to 4 mechanics. During the race, each microsecond is also so important that the expert mechanic changes the tires of the car in an average of 3 seconds.

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