Avani Shantanu Dixit is building a beauty empire in her 20's.

Avani the founder of "Avani Cosmetics Private Limited" is bringing the world together.

There are several astonishing personalities who dare to challenge their ability and talent. However, few could survive the harsh and obstacles that usually block their path of victory. Among some astonishing name who has created astounding victory through their passion and creation is Avani Shantanu Dixit the woman of power.

Celebrity stylist Avani was always known for her style and fashion from an early age but she never thought that it could be her life. Once she realized her passion she worked hard today known for her international beauty brand.

Avani Dixit guides on how to build an international brand in the cosmetics industry.

She believes the definition that beauty has in the minds of people is all about charismatic or traditional looks. However, the beauty lies in how we can achieve the maximum potential of our beautiful self which could open doors to becoming more confident while looking beautiful makes us feel more powerful and complete.

Avani with her tagline "Beauty is power" has tried to inculcate the message of self-love with nourishing mental potentiality on high grade. With her new international brand "Avani Cosmetics Private Limited", India's first cosmetic company with unique Italy-made luxury, Sephora clean cosmetic products. Also, giving rise to new meaning to the beauty as proudly announcing Laxmi Narayan Tripati known as Laxmi Maa as the face of her red shade lipstick the first transgender ambassador of the brand.

Avani has worked with Ami Patel, celebrity stylist of Priyanka Chopra and Isha Ambani's wedding, and various Bollywood stars. which has led her to nurture with astonishing incomparable skills of entrepreneurship during accompanying her. She advises respecting and working co-ordinately with the team and falling in unconditional love with your work.

The woman of power teaches us the lesson of self-love and believing in the power that we are born with.

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