Chapped lips after applying lipstick? So follow these easy tips today
Chapped lips after applying lipstick? So follow these easy tips today

The problem of chapped lips in winter is seen in everyone. However, most women are troubled by this problem. They have a lot of trouble with chapped lips and their whole look gets spoiled. Sometimes women apply lipstick on their lips and even after applying it, the problem of chapped lips emerges. Well, this often happens when we use poor lip care and poor quality lipstick. Along with this, many times the lips get cracked only by applying matte lipstick continuously. By the way, sometimes the cracking of the lips becomes painful and blood also starts coming from the lips. Now today we will tell you some such tips with the help of which you can avoid chapped lips caused by applying lipstick.

Make sure to check the quality of the lipstick - what is the quality of the lipstick and what things have been mixed in it. Definitely go for it. In fact, wax, oil and pigments are mixed in every lipstick. But these ingredients are transformed to make a matte lipstick or a glossy lipstick. Let us tell you that more wax, color and less oil are used in matte lipstick, due to which it lasts longer.

Exfoliate the lips – Matte lipstick tends to settle into any rough patches on the lips and this can also lead to sagging of the skin of the lips. Because of this, whenever you apply any lipstick, first of all exfoliate your lips. That is, take a lip scrub on your finger and exfoliate your lips every other day.

Apply Lib Balm Before Applying Lipstick- Whenever you apply lipstick, apply Lib Balm before that. By applying lip balm, the skin of the lips remains moisturized. Apply Moisturizer- The skin of the lips should be taken care of the most, because of this, moisturizer can be applied to maintain the beauty of the lips.

Use lip liner- Before applying matte lipstick, use lip liner on your lips. Actually, applying liner reduces the chances of lipstick freezing. Let us tell you that lipliner prevents matte lipstick from settling in any line around your mouth and also its use makes the lipstick last for a long time. Although it is better than all these, you should avoid applying lipstick every day.

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