Avoid water after eating these foods

Jan 29 2019 06:38 PM
Avoid water after eating these foods

The time of drinking  water reflects significantly on our health. It is said that if water is consumed before the meal, the fluid component of the meal is diluted, and the digestion process is triggered because of which food reaches the intestines much sooner than it should. Water alongside meals has a similar effect of diluting the food while water drank after the meal can result in messing up the digestion and lead to bloating or overeating. Though there are certain food which can give rise to major health risk if water is consumed after them.


.According to a nutritionist, water slows down the absorption and digestion process in our stomach leading to an acidic tummy. Some people with a sensitive stomach can experience uneasiness if they drink water with or after eating a watermelon.


Consumption of water after eating bananas, especially cold water can lead to severe indigestion. Apparently, the inherent characteristics of bananas and cold water are similar which lead to a clash and cause indigestion in the body.


it is recommended not to drink water after eating peanuts.

Fruits with citric acid

Citrus fruits like oranges are called citrus fruits as they contain citric acid in themDrinking water after eating citrus fruits can also cause imbalance and lead to problems like indigestion.


Drinking water after milk slows down the process of metabolism for milk proteins and makes the stomach acidic therefore you should avoid it. 

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