Ayodhya case: 'Evidence of Hindu temple found in excavation' counsel for deity to SC

Aug 20 2019 01:19 PM
Ayodhya case: 'Evidence of Hindu temple found in excavation' counsel for deity to SC

NEW DELHI: In the 8th day hearing of the Ayodhya case in a Constitution bench of the Supreme Court, advocate C.S. Vaidyanathan initiated the arguments on behalf of Deity. Vaidyanathan first referred to the report of the Indian Department of Archaeology (ASI). Ram Lalla's lawyer CS Vaidyanathan said that there was a huge building under the place where the mosque was constructed and according to what has come up in the ASI excavation, there was a Hindu temple.

C.S. Vaidyanathan said that the structure of the building, the manner in which the Babri Masjid was constructed and the signs of God in it indicate that the temple was already present, and the Muslim side had earlier ruled out the structure of the temple. But he later went on to say that the structure was there, but it was like an Islamic structure.

In the last hearing, Ram Lalla Virajman's lawyer C.S. Vaidyanathan, while placing the maps and photographs of the disputed land before the court, had said that the pillars found during the excavation showed pictures of Srikrishna, Shiva Tandava and Sriram's Balup. Vaidyanathan had said that even during the 1950 inspections there, all photographs, structures were found that could never be considered a legitimate mosque. No mosque will find pillars with images of such God.

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