Now Azam Khan's wife is also scared, saying, 'Terror being spread'

Jul 21 2019 05:01 PM
Now Azam Khan's wife is also scared, saying, 'Terror being spread'

Rampur: Tanzin Fatima, Rajya Sabha MP wife of Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan, says his life is at risk. Attacking the government of the ruling Yogi Adityanath in the province, Tanzin Fatima has said that the terror that is being persecuted in the city of Rampur by the state government, police and administration nowadays is not the way this oppression is being committed in independent India. can be used.

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Fatima further said that innocent people are being detained under the Punk Act to ensure their account. The innocents are being put in jails, pressures are being given. They are being oppressed. Tanjian Fatima said the atrocities were being carried out in the wake of by-elections, but it would not succeed in snatching The Seat of Rampur from the SP. On the issue of possession of land by farmers, Fatima said that the land was purchased by cheque, some of the land may have been rejected.

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Fatima said people are being prosecuted because they are being lured. Fatima said the state government is not concerned about the law and order situation in UP, but only how to defame the Johar University. He said the chaotic elements who prevented the delegation yesterday have received full protection from the police today.

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