B Praak's wife's pain spilled 10 days after losing the child.

Singer B Praak, who became famous by giving songs like 'At the moment' and 'Teri Mitti', is in a very difficult time these days. In fact, some time ago, Singer lost his newborn baby. Let us all know that their baby passed away at the time of birth. After the demise of his newborn, B Praak issued a statement in this regard, appealing to fans to maintain privacy. Now, about 10 days after losing the child, B Praak's wife Meera Bachchan has written an emotional post in the name of the child on social media to express her grief. You can see B Praak's wife Meera has written an emotional post on her Instagram. Yes and in this post, he has addressed his newborn as the 'Special Angel'. By the way, you can see that his post is really going to make it very emotional. In this post, she has written all the things that she is feeling nowadays.

You can see Mira Bachchan sharing the post and wrote in the caption, "There is a special angel in heaven, who is a part of me, this is not the place where I wanted her, but such a God wanted her. He came here like a shooting star for a moment. He's in heaven now, but he's not far away. He came here and touched the hearts of many, which only an angel can do. Along with this, Meera further wrote in the post, "If I knew I would have loved her very much. Even if you're no longer with me, I'll never stop loving you. I think of you every moment and only wish I could turn the time around for my own good and tell you how much we love you. ''

At the same time, she further writes that "your heart which was beating strongly for so many months, now it is calm. For so many months, your hands and feet were constantly moving. They are now staying. We had a lot of dreams of seeing you grow up, to hold you firmly, but the fate is such that now I will only dream of your smile. Mother will always love you and the truth is that you were me, myself and will always be mine. I love you my angel. ''

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