Baba got it...! Shivling was seen inside Gyanvapi.. Video of survey report went viral
Baba got it...! Shivling was seen inside Gyanvapi.. Video of survey report went viral

New Delhi: The clearest indications of the existence of a Hindu temple beneath the disputed Gyanvapi complex in Kashi, the city of Baba Vishwanath, are visible in a new video that has surfaced online. The Shivling is clearly visible inside the Vazukhana of the mosque in the video. Along with this, pictures of swastika, trishul, lotus and Hindu deities are also visible on the walls of the cellars. After the court's order on Monday (May 30, 2022) on the Gyanvapi case, the survey report and the CD of the video were handed over to the parties in a sealed cover along with the affidavit.


However, shortly after the report was submitted, as before, this survey report was also leaked and the video went viral. At the same time, the Hindu side has claimed in the press conference that the video of the survey has been made viral by someone. The Hindu side also showed all four of its envelopes to the media and told them that their envelopes are still sealed. According to Sudhir Jain, counsel for the Hindu side, "The envelope we got has not been opened yet. Just now we came to know that the video is playing on some media platforms. Now we will complain to the court in this regard. We had received four envelopes from the court, right now all the envelopes are sealed. We haven't leaked people. '

Earlier on Monday evening, after submitting an affidavit in the court, four out of the five women from the plaintiff's side received the CD of the report in a sealed envelope from the Hindu side. It is being told that due to non-submission of affidavit, the other party has not yet received the report and CD. In such a situation, only four envelopes were given from the court and questions are being raised on how the leak took place even after the four were declared as sealed. Let us know that the hearing on the disputed Gyanvapi complex was held in the Varanasi court on Monday. At the same time, the court has given a date of July 4 for the next hearing. The hearing in the court of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh lasted for about two hours on Monday (May 30, 2022) in which The Muslim Party has given a detailed statement. At the same time, now with the leakage of the video in this whole case, there is a new twist in the case. In the video that is going viral, the shape of the Shivling is clearly visible and on top of it a chakri-like structure is visible, which looks quite different from the rest of the stone (Shivlingas according to the Hindu side).   However, the matter is still in the court, the decision will be of the court. But with the appearance of this video, the claim of the Hindu side has been greatly strengthened, in which they are saying that Baba has been found.  

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