Baba's hard penance to save the world from the corona epidemic
Baba's hard penance to save the world from the corona epidemic

When it comes to India, there is a house of yogis and monks and this country is called the country of these people. Here, people wish for the whole world happiness, leaving their mortal bodies in check, and want to see everyone happy. Something similar is visible nowadays in a temple on Akbarpur Majra mode in Delhi. Now you must be wondering how?

So let us tell you that in the scorching winter, a monk is absorbed in severe penance in the cold water stream. Not only that, but people are also coming from far and wide to see the monk. Baba says that he is doing hard penance for the good of humanity and for the liberation from the corona. Let us also tell all of you that this sadhu Anil Nath is the father of sadhu Nath Panth. Yes, and they say that doing more rigorous penance yields fruits more quickly. Because of this, he is constantly performing his rigorous penance in the midst of cold water in winter. However, the villagers are also contributing fully to their rigorous penance.

Yes, under the information received, Baba will continue his rigorous penance for the next 41 days, although such penance is shocking for the villagers in this cold weather. That is why what he is hearing about his sadhana today is reaching here for baba's darshan. Baba's discussions are currently taking place on social sites and people are surprised to read about Baba.

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