Amit Shah on Babulal Marandi's homecoming, says- "His stature is the greatest…"

Feb 18 2020 11:35 AM
Amit Shah on Babulal Marandi's homecoming, says-

Apart from India, anything is possible in the politics of the world. Babulal Marandi, who returned to BJP after a long time, is a new example of this. Babulal Marandi, who had formed a new home from the BJP 14 years ago, has once again made a strong comeback in the BJP. His stature will be the biggest, as he is the choice of BJP's top strategist Amit Shah. On Monday, Babulal Marandi was on the stage of the meeting. He was in the center of attraction. The speech or body language of a leader did not seem to offend Marandi's arrival. Although a few other leaders were scattered here and there, they avoided speaking openly.

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Amit Shah also focused most on Babulal Marandi regarding this matter. Along with this, he also praised Arjun Munda and Raghuvar Das. This indicated that this trio would make big decisions, but Babulal Marandi would be paramount. Marandi's chair was close to Amit Shah. Raghuvar was seated on his right side, while Arjun Munda was placed next to Om Mathur on the other side. It also became clear that important leaders from Babulal Marandi's Jhavimo would also get attention. Now the formation of a new team will also be on Babulal Marandi.

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A strong leader is looking for the post of BJP State President. The BJP will accept the resignation of Laxman Giluva and hand over the command to the new leader. It is certain that the one who will have Babulal Marandi's hand on his head, he will wear the crown of the state president. Babulal Marandi's role will be to surround the government. He will stand against Hemant Soren in the assembly. Apart from this, by wandering across the state, BJP workers will be renewed. With the presence of former BJP state presidents on the platform, an attempt was made to indicate that everyone will get a chance in a new and changed situation.

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