BABYMONSTER, a new girl group from YG Entertainment, will drop the pre-release.
BABYMONSTER, a new girl group from YG Entertainment, will drop the pre-release.

On May 14, at 12 AM KST (8:30 PM IST, May 13), the pre-debut song of YG Entertainment's new female group BABYMONSTER will be made available on the channel's official YouTube page. In BABYMONSTER's first reality show, "DREAM," the members were seen encouraging one another after the final competition. It attracted support from followers and attained phenomenal popularity. When calls for the release of euphemisms flooded in before the debut, it can be said that YG moved quickly.

The seven members of YG harmonize well in this song, which was released at the conclusion of the month at YG's evaluation. BABYMONSTER's anticipated debut as a 5-member group was subsequently transformed to a 7-member debut as the members' relationship was emphasized. The impression will be amplified by the lyrics, which describe their development. A girl group called BABYMONSTER was released by YG roughly 7 years after BLACKPINK. Three members from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, and Rora), two from Japan (Ruka and Asa), and two from Thailand (Pharita and Chiquita) make up this multicultural ensemble. The ripple effect is the main topic of discussion because it aims to appeal to the entire Asian market, where K-POP is well-liked.


Pharita was the final participant. It is due to the fact that she is a team member with strong abilities and a variety of linguistic fluencies, including her mother tongue, Thai, English, and Korean. It is the outcome of bringing together personal strengths, team synergy, and global capabilities. Executive producer Yang Hyun Suk pulled out a reversal card at this point. BABYMONSTER's 7-member debut was confirmed without any dropouts with the addition of Rora, who was expected to join another YG female group, and Asa, who was expected to take part in a new project to be shown in Japan.

The debut members were personally introduced by general producer Yang Hyun Suk as considerable care was made to the outcome. Ahyeon was the first main character. She is a "all-rounder" who is equally adept at singing, rapping, and performing, so she can lead BABYMONSTER with ease. Second, Ruka was chosen because of her distinctive presence as a female rapper with the hip-hop moniker YG. Chiquita was the third. She is the youngest of the seven potential members, and although having only a brief training period, she rapidly demonstrated her limitless potential. Haram stepped above the boundary of her last debut for the fourth time. In addition to her unwavering solid live skills, her ability to reinterpret her songs with her own musical color was highly praised.

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