Bad news for drinkers, govt made this big announcement

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday announced that a reward of Rs 2 lakh will be given to any village implementing complete prohibition in the state. Chief Minister Shivraj was addressing a function to felicitate those elected unopposed during the ongoing panchayat elections in the state. Chief Minister Shivraj said that the villagers should create an atmosphere by initiating a dialogue and organizing motivational activities to adopt complete prohibition and they will be given Rs 2 lakh as a reward.  

At the same time, he said that drug abuse is the root cause of destruction, so an atmosphere should be created through mutual discussions and various inspirational activities to make the village drug-free. The Madhya Pradesh government has announced that panchayats in which Panches and Sarpanches are elected unanimously will be called 'Samaras Panchayat.'

A total of 630 Sarpanches, 157 Janpad Panchayat members and one Zila Panchayat member were elected unopposed due to the ongoing panchayat elections in the state. Chief Minister Shivraj asked the villagers to make the panchayats 'Beti-friendly,' adding that those who play with the honour of women will not be spared at any cost. He said that the work of Samaras Panchayats in the area of serving the people, developing villages, Anganwadi, schools, and community buildings in the area should become an example for the entire country. They should ensure that no child remains malnourished. At the same time, the Chief Minister said that the Samaras Panchayats will have to work by deciding their priority. Let us take a pledge that there will be no fights in the village. If there is a dispute, it will be resolved through dialogue, so that we will not allow our time and money to be wasted in a court of law.

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