After all, why is Bakrid called the Eid of Sacrifice? Know its history

Jul 20 2021 11:21 AM
After all, why is Bakrid called the Eid of Sacrifice? Know its history

Bakrid means eid of sacrifice. It has also been called Id-ul-Azha. It is a festival that conveys the spirit of sacrifice for its duty. This year the festival of Bakrid will be celebrated on Wednesday, 21st July.

History of Bakrid:-
Allaah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim to try. They were ordered to sacrifice their sweetest thing. Hazrat got into problems. They wondered what they loved the most, which they should sacrifice. It was then that he noticed his son Hazrat Ismail. They thought they would sacrifice their son because they loved him immensely. They set out to sacrifice their son. They blindfolded them so that their hands would not stop at the time of sacrifice, and sacrificed.

But when he took out the bandage, he saw that his sons were fine. A sheep was cut on the sand. It is said that Allah gave life to his son, pleased with his spirit of sacrifice. From then on, the sacrifice of animals was considered as the command of Allah and the festival of Bakrid began to be celebrated. On Bakrid day, people get up early in the morning and take a bath and wear new clothes. They offer Eid prayers at Eidgah. They hug each other after the prayers. They greet eid. Then the sacrifice of animals begins.

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