Uttar Pradesh: Kidnappers crosses all limits of cruelty, officers starts crying after seeing dead body

Gorakhpur: Many heartbreaking cases keep coming up from Uttar Pradesh. Once again, the miscreants had crossed all the limits of cruelty in the kidnapping and murder of Kishore Balram of Gorakhpur. According to media reports, Balaram was tortured before the murder. Both hands were broken by lifting back. The neck was also broken. The head was ruthlessly crushed. After the murder, the body was put in a sack of cement.

The leg was twisted with force even before Kidnappers put it in the sack. When the body was removed from the sack, once more the soul of the police, crime branch, and STF people shook. Tears came out of the eyes of many officers. At the moment, the post-mortem report will reveal how many tortures the teenager was subjected to before his murder. Kishore Balram's kidnapping and murder have revealed the names of five people near his village. This includes a mobile vendor from Hasanganj Jungle Dhusad.

The mobile seller gave a sim on the fake name, address. This sim was used to ask for ransom. The police has arrested two criminals, including the mobile vendor, on the basis of witnesses. Balaram's body was recovered on the spot of this. The same is now being questioned. The search for three more culprits is going on. According to the sources, new age boys are involved in kidnapping and murder. Most seem close to Balarama and his family. After taking three more criminals into custody, the whole case will be exposed. The police is constantly being investigated.

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