Body of bride was found the day before the wedding, police engaged in investigation

Nov 29 2019 03:14 PM
Body of bride was found the day before the wedding, police engaged in investigation

Recently, the case of crime is reported from Bansdiharod police station area of Ballia district. In this case, there was a sensation after the body of a girl was found on the railway track late last evening near the station. According to the information received, the police reached the information and took the body and sent it for testing. At the same time, the police is engaged in solving the mystery between murder and suicide in this case and till now in this case, the police are reluctant to clarify anything. It has been said that the family of the deceased says that 'the girl's wedding procession was going to come on November 30 and women were singing Manglik songs in the house.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, the woman suddenly disappeared from the house and her mutilated body was found on the railway track near Aschaura station. After which there was chaos in the house. At the same time, police say that Tilak's program took place on November 24 in the house of the boy side in Middha village and the wedding pavilion was made in the courtyard on the side of the girl side on Wednesday, but the sensation spread after this. After the girl's disappearance, the relatives searched her a lot but no trace was found.

After that, someone informed the family that the body of a young woman was lying on the track near the Umbra Aaschaura railway station. At the same place, he identified the incident and told the police about the case. The police have said about the examination of the dead body in this case and they say that something can be clarified only after the report comes.

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