Bandlik, the healthcare job application is overtaking the landscape of modern digitization
Bandlik, the healthcare job application is overtaking the landscape of modern digitization

In the last few decades, technology adoption has fundamentally changed the healthcare industry in India, and the epidemic has sped up the process. Even if it is challenging to foresee where the space will be, it is feasible to identify a few tendencies that have formed since COVID-19. For instance, people are more willing to spend money on preventative health now that they are aware of the need of living a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic has also strained healthcare delivery systems and infrastructure to their breaking point, paving the way for additional expenditures and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies to battle current and potential pandemics. Bandlik is one of the most preferable healthcare talent exchange that describes new ways of hiring the most potential wellness workers.

All about Bandlik

Deriving its name from the word “employment,” Bandlik is the outcome of a ten-year informal practise of employer and healthcare professional matchmaking. With extensive market research, a robust SWOT analysis, and in-house research from people with over two decades of experience and competence in the relevant business, Bandlik is now prepared to provide unique solutions to healthcare employers and employees. Their primary focus is on Tier II and Tier III cities, where the healthcare labour market is highly unstructured, rather than just Tier I cities, where there are greater personnel needs.

Why choose Bandlik?

Bandlik offers a variety of options to satisfy all of your employment requirements and is developing a new method to select the most qualified healthcare workers. Bandlik Healthcare Talent Exchange, one of the most cutting-edge recently launched applications, wants to maintain its thriving economy by lowering the number of unemployed doctors and improving the cultivation of committed medical hard workers in order to enhance the calibre of the healthcare industry. Their goal is to close the gap between medical recruiters and aspirants by bringing together the "Right Healthcare Workers, For the Right Healthcare Institution."

Mission and Vision

Additionally, the platform hopes to financially empower the nation and its people by providing them with excellent jobs, competitive pay, and ongoing work support. As the co-founder and CEO of Bandlik, Dr. Neetu Kumari Singh stated, "We have a foresighted vision to walk side by side with the medical corporations and provide a platform to the people of India and outside of India with better job opportunities because what you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make in the medical industry."

Behind Bandlik and its logo

The logo for Bandlik not only establishes the company's visual identity but also conveys the company's key tenets through storytelling. The lock and key design in the logo represents how Bandlik is releasing the talent pool in the healthcare sector. A peer-to-peer dependable network, releasing human potential, cutting-edge metaverse technology, and fonts that define commitment and trust are essential components.

In the healthcare industry, Dr. Neetu Kumari Singh is well-known as the co-founder and CEO of Bandlik Healthcare Talent Exchange. She co-founded the tech-driven platform with her more than 14 years of experience with the goal of connecting healthcare facilities with the appropriate specialists. Not only this Dr. Singh is also the Founder and Director of Relacy Healthcare Management Consultancy. She always hoped to introduce something unique to the people and solve societal problems and with Bandlik Healthcare Talent Exchange, she has measured the healthcare industry's job issues accurately and fixed the problem by recruiting and offering jobs to people in this sector by locating their distinctive customized FIT.

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