Bangalore police took flight to catch the robber escaped in train

Oct 20 2020 12:17 PM
Bangalore police took flight to catch the robber escaped in train

Kailash Das from Burdwan West Bengal who was working in Bengaluru fled on train with Jewellery worth INR 1.3 crore. He was working as a domestic help at a builder's house in Bengaluru.Das who knows about every nook and corner of the house stole diamonds worth INR 1.3 crore and escaped to Kolkatta. 

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In the first week of October, a family member of the builder tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus. Kailash is also aware of this. The worker living in the family's basement, decided to take advantage of the panic situation. The family was busy with the patient's treatment and on October 9, Das stole an electronic locker that has diamond jewelry worth RS 1.5 crore. The reports says Das took a train to kolkatta with the electronic locker. Soon after a complaint from the builder the Bangalore police investigated the case and conformed Das as a thief. Upon investigating various CCTV footage, the cops found footage of him boarding a train from Yeshwantpur railway station. 

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The police acted quick and boarded a flight to Kolkata, to apprehended Das. Das was trying to escape on seeing the police. They caught him in the station and brought back to Bangalore after a chase. In a similar incident in 2019, Bangalore police acted quick and welcomed the thief at the railway station by taking flight to Ajmer. A 21 year old domestic help was cayght after he stole from the employer and escaped. 

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