Now Bangladesh has mocked India, says "Indian citizens coming to our country for free food"

Dec 17 2019 01:34 PM
Now Bangladesh has mocked India, says

Dhaka: Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has said in one of his statements that Indians infiltrate into Bangladesh to eat free food. He also said that the economy of Bangladesh is much better than the Indian economy. This is also the reason why Indian people are infiltrating their country and coming to eat free food.

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Momen has said that Indian citizens are living illegally in our country with the help of some brokers who will be taken out of the country. He said that people from India are infiltrating into Bangladesh because the conditions here are very good. Economic conditions are good, so people are coming here. Not only this, but they are also getting jobs in Bangladesh. Along with this, poor Indians are getting food for free here.

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He said that due to all the above facilities, Indian citizens are eager to come to Bangladesh. He also said that the Indian government is repeatedly saying that it is not pushing anyone into Bangladesh. We have also said that if any Bangladeshi is living in India illegally, then inform us, we will follow the procedure and bring them back to our country.

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