Petrol-Diesel prices increased by 51% overnight, general public shocked

Dhaka: Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina government last night announced a 51.7 per cent hike in petrol and diesel prices. This is considered to be the biggest increase in fuel prices in the history of Bangladesh. The people, who are already reeling under the impact of inflation, their backs have been broken due to this decision of the government.

According to the new rates that came into effect from midnight 12:00, the price of a litre of octane has now gone up to 135 taka (Bangladeshi currency), which is 51.7 per cent higher than the previous rate of 89 takas. At the same time, in Bangladesh, a litre of petrol is now being sold at the rate of 130 takas, that is, it has increased by 44 takas or 51.1 per cent since last night. The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources has also issued a statement on the hike in fuel prices. It said that the decision has been taken due to the increase in fuel prices in the international market.

The ministry's press release said that due to the rise in fuel prices in the global market, many countries, including India, have already taken this decision. A litre of diesel in Kolkata has been selling for Rs 92.76 (114.09 takas) and petrol at Rs 106.03 (130.42 takas) per litre since May 22. Till yesterday, petrol was selling cheaper at 34.09 takas and diesel at 44.42 takas per litre in Bangladesh.

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