Slogans of 'Nara-e-Takbir and Allahu-Akbar', Radhaswami temple attacked again by fundamentalists

Dhaka: The ISKCON temple on Lalmohan Saha Street in the Wari area of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka has been attacked by a mob of Muslim fundamentalists. A video of the attack on March 17 (Thursday) has also surfaced. In the video, a mob of fundamentalists is vandalising the temple shouting slogans of 'Nara-e-Takbir, Allah Hu Akbar'. The temple suffered a lot of damage in the attack.



The Twitter account called 'Voice of Bangladeshi Hindu' has shared several videos and pictures about the incident. The handle, which raises the issue of a religious minority in Bangladesh, wrote, "The attack on Radha Kanta ISKCON temple in Dhaka continues. The devotees informed the police, but the police are not taking any action. Some devotees also sustained injuries in the incident. A devotee is seen narrating the entire incident in the video. In the video, the victim, Nihal, said, "On the way back, the mob caught me. My phone was taken away. I had injuries on my back.''

According to media reports, 150-200 Muslim attackers were involved in the incident. The mob of attackers was led by Haji Safiullah. Among those injured in the incident are Sumantra Chandra Shravan, Nihar Haldar and Rajiv Bhadra. The Hindu American Foundation said, "Around 8 pm on March 17, a mob of about 150 Muslims led by 62-year-old Haji Saifullah attacked the ISKCON temple under Wari police station. They damaged the temple and demolished the idols. They also looted the money and other valuables kept in the temple. Three devotees of the Hindu community were injured in the incident.''

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