Bangladeshi PM claims Rohingya Muslims have a serious impact on security of nation

UNGA:  Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister of Bangladesh, stated to the UNGA that the Rohingya population is seriously affecting the nation's economy, environment, security, and sociopolitical stability. He pleaded with the UN to take effective action in this situation.

PM Sheikh Hasina said, "The prolonged presence of Rohingyas in Bangladesh has seriously affected the economy, environment, security, and socio-political stability" in her address to the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to PM Hasina, the Rohingya population has caused widespread despondence in the nation and an increase in organised crime, such as drug and human trafficking, from across the border. He said: "The circumstance may serve to incite bigotry." If the issue persists, it might have an impact on the region's and the world's stability and security.

Sheikh Hasina recalled the five years of mass exodus of Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh beginning in 2017 and claimed that despite their connections to Naypyidaw and the UN, not a single Rohingya was sent back to their ancestral home in Myanmar. The ongoing political unrest and armed conflict in the nation have made it more challenging for Rohingyas to return home. It is anticipated that the UN will act effectively in this situation.

Advice from Hasina to the UN

"We need to demonstrate that the United Nations is the cornerstone of the multilateral system in times of crisis," Sheikh Hasina said. The United Nations must therefore take the initiative and strive to live up to everyone's expectations if it wants to win the respect and confidence of the populace at large. Bangladesh is of the opinion that acts of hostility, such as war, economic sanctions, or retaliatory sanctions, can never benefit a nation. The best method for resolving conflicts and crises is communication.

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