Banks strike across the country today and tomorrow, cash crisis in ATMs too!
Banks strike across the country today and tomorrow, cash crisis in ATMs too!

Trade unions have called for a two-day Bharat Bandh to protest against various policies of the government. This Bharat Bandh starts from today and will continue till tomorrow. Yes, and due to this, many services, including banking, railways and power supply, are likely to be affected. According to information received, employees of banks are taking part in this strike to protest against privatisation.

Yes, and this is going to have a big impact on banking operations across the country. Apart from this, it is also feared that due to the two-day strike, there may be a problem of cash in at the ATM. The country's largest bank SBI itself has expressed its apprehension about this. On the other hand, due to the weekly holiday, the banks were already closed for 2 days and now the problems of the people are going to increase again due to the strike from today. March 26 was the fourth Saturday of the month, while March 27 was a Sunday. Due to these two, the banks have already been closed for two consecutive days. Banks are now going to remain closed due to the strike on Monday (March 28) and Tuesday (March 29).

In this way, banking work in the country is going to be stalled for 4 consecutive days. The Platform of Central Trade Unions and Sectoral Federations and Associations have made a statement and if this statement is to be believed, then the employees of essential services are also taking part in this two-day Bharat Bandh.

The statement also claimed that employees of essential services such as roadways, transport and electricity have also decided to take part in the Bharat Bandh. Not only this but according to the statement, the financial sector including banking and insurance have also decided to join it. Yes, and apart from these, employees of coal, steel, oil, telecom, postal, income tax, etc. sectors are also becoming a part of the Bharat Bandh.

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