Without the consent of customer, bank cannot use Aadhaar
Without the consent of customer, bank cannot use Aadhaar

In today's time, the Aadhaar card is needed in all places, one of them is the bank. Bank uses the Aadhaar card to know the customer (KYC). But it is not that banks can use Aadhaar card on their own free will. Keeping this in mind, the government has decided that the bank will have to take permission from the account holders.

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If the account holders do not give permission, the Aadhaar card cannot be used in banks. Some time back it has been reported that the Reserve Bank has issued a new directive regarding the use of Aadhaar card, that the bank can be used for Aadhaar verification / offline verification of such individuals who voluntarily use their Aadhaar to authenticate the identity Let's do

Now no need to open base. We all know that Aadhaar cards are used to open bank accounts. From now on the bank will have to take your permission. Only when you give permission, banks will be able to verify KYC through an online form. With this, other financial companies also cannot use Aadhaar without your consent. But apart from this, banks and companies who are allowed to use Aadhaar can only use it offline for e-KYC.

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Know what is KYC: If we understand KYC in easy language, then it is a process of complete information about the customer. In which KYC is also necessary. Through which it is ensured that no banking facility is being misused anywhere.

The Supreme Court has decided in 2019 about the imperative of Aadhaar. Now there will be no need to link the bank account and mobile number to Aadhaar. After this, the use of Aadhaar by banks and financial companies will not be mandatory. Banks use Aadhaar to know the customer (KYC). But it is not that the bank can use Aadhaar on its own. For this, the bank will have to take your permission.

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But he cannot use Aadhaar unless you have his permission. Now you will be able to secure your data. Recently information has shown that the biometric data of the Aadhaar card can be easily locked, which can be done in a few minutes. This work can also be locked from the website or from the registered mobile number of Aadhaar, no biometric can be used for verification if the Aadhaar number is locked. In which even banks cannot use biometric data.

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