Collection: Batla House earns this much in 12 days!

Aug 27 2019 05:39 PM
Collection: Batla House earns this much in 12 days!

12 days have passed since the Bollywood film Batla House was released, and the film is making tremendous earnings. John Abraham and Mrinal Thakur's powerful acting is applauded by their fans, and the film's story is a powerful one that viewers love to see. The film is based on the 2008 Batla House Encounter. The report says the film knows how much it has earned so far.

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The film, which was released on independence day, has grossed 86 crore so far. 'Batla House' grossed Rs 2.26 crore on Monday.  'Batla House', released on August 15, Rs 15.55 crore on the first day, 8.84 crore on the second day, 10.90 crore on the third day, 12.70 crore on the fourth day, 5.05 crore on the fifth day, 4.78 crore on the sixth day, 3.75 crore on the evening, 3.50 crore on the eighth day, 4.15 crore on the ninth day , earned Rs 5.50 crore on the tenth day and Rs 6.50 crore on the eleventh day. The film has grossed 86.06 crores.

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The film 'Batla House' is based on the encounter held at Batla House on September 19, 2008. While John Abraham plays DCP Sanjeev Kumar in the film, Mrinal has appeared as his wife.

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