Person dressed like Batman helping poor and needy in Chile
Person dressed like Batman helping poor and needy in Chile

There are many people who are engaged in setting an example of humanity. There is a person who is doing something like this and people are praising them. Now the Corona period is going on and many people are coming forward to help others. Today we are going to tell you about a person who is sharing love by becoming 'Batman'. A person dressed as batman and helping people in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

In this way, they have hidden their identity. The real purpose of this 'Batman' is to help the needy, because of this, it has hidden their name, their identity. According to a Reuters report, this stranger is regularly distributing food to the homeless and needy in the difficult times of the Corona crisis in Chile, South America. The person says that they want to remain anonymous. At this time many people have helped the poor in Corona crisis, and showed off.

This person says, "Look around you, can you give a little time, a little food and a little space to those who need it. It will give them both hope and power to live." The person also said that "The motive behind changing disguise is to unite everyone and inspire people. The person has no superpower. This person actually cooks himself first and then works to distribute it to the needy.

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