93-year-old lady dances fiercely, video going viral
93-year-old lady dances fiercely, video going viral

People often complain that their body is getting old. There are many people who get old, they get lazy till they get up from the bed and sit at one place. It is important for those people to watch this video. A video is becoming increasingly viral. This video is of an old lady who is 93 years old. A 93-year-old lady is seen dancing in this video. This video of her has come in the discussions. This video is of the lady's birthday.

This lady is a resident of Kolkata and her age is 93 years. Her video is going viral on the Internet. This video is of her birthday, in which she is seen doing tremendous dance moves. She is seen dancing to Simba movie song 'Aankh Mare' in this video. Anyone watching the video has been blown away.

While sharing this video on his Facebook account, his grandson Gaurao Saha wrote, 'Thamma's 93rd birthday.' In this party, Grandma dances wearing a white sari with balloons, hats and chocolate cake is enticing everyone. In this, she is seen dancing with full enthusiasm. The rest of the family is cheering her during this time. 

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