Vishal Kotian speaks about his relationship with Shamita Shetty

Vishal Kotiyan has recently come out of the popular television reality show 'Bigg Boss 15'. He had a brother-sister relationship with actress Shamita Shetty inside the house. Both of them were also seen supporting each other. However, Vishal Kotian's loyalty to Shamita Shetty has been questioned by frequent home guests and contestants. Shamita's family members also said about Vishal that he brainwashes her.

Vishal Kotiyan openly discussed his bond with Shamita Shetty after coming out of the show. He says no one can change their friendship and relationship with Shamita. Vishal expressed his desire that if he goes back inside the house, he would definitely question Shamita about many things.

Vishal says, "I am angry with Shamita and I will be. Many people came inside the house and asked Shamita not to trust me. Rajiv Adhatia, Neha Bhasin and Rakesh Bapat, everyone provoked her against me, but she still stood by me. If God also comes and says, "Don't trust me, it doesn't happen." We both had a different bond. I feel bad that she is being targeted inside the house because of me.'' Vishal goes on to say that I have never been evil about Shamita. I considered Shamita to be a sister from the bottom of my heart. Shamita was dominating. She had an OCD problem, I accepted her in the same way. Then why didn't she accept me the way I am? Once she put her hand on my shoulder and said, You are my brother. Whenever someone blames me, tries to hurt me, cornered me, Shamita left me alone. Rajiv and Rakesh left me alone when they came inside the house. If you used to call me brother, how can you leave me alone?

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