GHKKPM: Virat to be killed in encounter

The serial 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin' is soon going to create a big buzz in Virat and Sai's life. In fact, in the days to come, Sai will realize that she cannot live for a moment without Virat. So far in the story of the show, you have seen Virat preparing to go on a mission during Diwali celebrations. Knowing this, Sai's condition deteriorates. In the meantime, Sai prevents Virat from leaving. In that case, Virat explains to Sai and the family members. Now soon a new controversy is going to arise in the show. In fact, soon on the show, you will see Virat bid farewell to Sai and the family members.



Sai will burst into tears after Virat's departure. While after Virat's departure, Sai will understand how much she loves him. Virat will chase his friend Sadanand on the other side of the show and he and Sadanand will clash during this time. Sadanand will try to beat Virat in the battle. Sadananda will shoot Virat on the forehead during the fight. Virat will lose his life as soon as he is shot. Sai will shout loudly at the news of Virat's death and in the meantime, Sai will realise that she was dreaming of a nightmare. She will start crying after she wakes up from sleep. Ashwini will take over Sai in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Ashwini will tell Sai that nothing will happen to Virat. Virat will kill Sadanand in the encounter in the upcoming episode of the show. After Sadanand's death, his wife Shruti will follow Virat and Shruti will try to break the relationship between Virat and Sai. However, now it has to be seen whether the relationship will break or not?

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