Be charitable,if u wanna shorten stress..!!
Be charitable,if u wanna shorten stress..!!

STRESS a word which is full of tension and anxiety.Now a days half of the population specially the teenagers starts taking so much stress just because of silly problems.

The new research has found that-the people who cheers and motivates others when they feeling low rather than accepting or receiving it back,causes strong and positive effects on crucial brains parts which involved in stress.

To reduce upsetting experiences and activity,the researchers conclude that giving  cornerstone to someone who needs it might helps to overcome stress soon.

The study led by Tristen Inagaki from University Pittsburgh said-“These results add to an emerging literature suggesting that support giving is an overlooked contributor to how social support can benefit health,” 

The team of 36 participants from the larger study called"neural mechanisms"of social support-in different words,the innovation within the brain that may describe the shorten in the level of stress due to promoting support


In the research,the researcher asked from participants about whether they gave or received support,they are looking for someone to cheer them up,when they are into stess.The researchers also performed so many tasks to find out how brain areas involved with outside stress,reward were distressed by giving or receiving social charity.

The researcher said,“At the level of the brain, only support giving was associated with beneficial outcomes" The findings appeared in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine.

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