'Beaten me.. Tried to touch my breast..' This actress made serious allegations in jail

Ketaki Chitale, an actress from the Marathi movie industry, had shared an allegedly objectionable post against senior leader Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar a few days ago. In this case, she also has to be in jail. She has come out of jail after 40 days and as soon as she comes out of jail, the actress has made many shocking revelations. The actress on Friday claimed that she was molested while being lodged in a jail in the Thane district.

Speaking to a media channel, Ketaki Chitale said, "When I was in jail, there was an incident of molestation with me. I was wearing a sari. I was molested. I tried to tangle my saree forcibly and I had even fallen. Egg, ink and toxic colour were thrown at me. Also tried to touch my breast as well.''

The actress continued her point and said that - I was illegally detained without a warrant. I had done nothing wrong yet I was treated like this. Not given any notice, directly detained. That's just one post, too. It wasn't that I didn't target anyone but people linked that poem to  Sharad Pawar and there were 22 FIRs against me. Let us tell you that in the poem due to which the actress had to spend 40 days in jail, Sharad Pawar was called a person who hates Brahmins.

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